Video: William Robert is All Fashion on Huge Jumps in ‘Surf the Dirt’

Video: William Robert is All Style on Big Jumps in ‘Surf the Dirt’
When you experience Park, you already know.

It’s the type of lap you spend a complete season dreaming of. Operating the mountain time and again. Lap after lap, in quest of the candy spot on that setup bounce, perfecting a lean into the berm, pushing for that excellent pop off a lip.

Then, once you least anticipate it, and the filth’s good, you end up proper within the pocket.

Nothing however you, the bike, and the deafening silence of your tires leaving the bottom. Virtually just like the bike’s driving itself.

The proper run.

However ask anybody who paddles out repeatedly to catch waves – Chase too laborious or drive it, and also you’ll by no means discover it.

However as soon as that run is finished, what do you do? You run it once more. It’s in these fleeting emotions of perfection that you just hit the rotary dial and return for one more.

Calling in a pair favours together with his buddies on the Evo Bike Park for his newest edit, William Robert had simply such a lap down the lofty, free line of Griffus path captured by filmmakers Alan Perreard and Grégory Roux. The uncooked edit, Robert stated, was the proper showcase for this large path.

“This trail is made by riders for riders! It’s not everywhere that you can find such biiiig jumps in a bike park!”

And, identical to the remainder of us, when he obtained to the underside of such an epic run, what’s he purported to do? Pile within the truck and run it once more.

Rider: William Robert
Video: Alan Perreard
Pictures: Gregory Roux
Location: Evo Bike Park

Produced in collaboration with Hutchinson Tires.

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