Tig Notaro Jokes About Response to Military of the Useless Trailer

Tig Notaro Jokes About Reaction to Army of the Dead Trailer

If you happen to had been to instantly end up a subject of heated dialogue on Twitter, all you are able to do is pray to god it’s for one thing half as cool as Tig Notaro skilled. Final week, the comic acquired to really feel the unequalled ego enhance that comes from trending on-line for one thing remotely optimistic, particularly for trying cool as hell in Zack Snyder’s latest Military of the Useless trailer, which had Notaro trending underneath #HotTig, with followers dubbing her “sexy AF.”

Jimmy Fallon even requested the Star Trek: Discovery actress when she visited The Tonight Present Monday night, “What has life been like for you this past week being sexy AF?” Sighed Notaro, “Oh my gosh, so much has changed, Jimmy. It’s really been nuts around here since I was trending for being sexy AF.” Admitted the Don’t Ask Tig podcast host, “I didn’t even know what ‘AF’ was, to be honest. My friends were texting me images of Twitter. They were like, ‘You’re trending for being ‘badass’ and ‘sexy AF,’ and I was like, what is that?”

And in case you’re questioning how she prepares for her badass, attractive AF roles, together with her helicopter pilot Marianne Peters in Netflix’s forthcoming zombie heist motion film, Tig’s able to spill some attractive AF secrets and techniques. “If I’m completely honest, I don’t,” she admits. “My preparation is, I learn my lines to the best of my ability.” Joked Fallon as he flashed Notaro’s nonetheless from Military of the Useless, “Well, when you show up and you do something like this…you don’t need any lines.”

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