Invoice Maher Rants About 2021 Oscar Nominees

Bill Maher Rants About 2021 Oscar Nominees

Has the Actual Time with Invoice Maher author’s room been moonlighting on Gutfeld!? As a result of among the one-liners from his “New Rules” rant in regards to the 2021 Oscars Finest Image nominees look like they have been pulled straight from the Fox Information sequence. Within the section, Maher makes the not-exactly-fresh commentary that the Academy Awards prefer to nominate miserable movies about Very Necessary Subjects, however he means that that is new somewhat than a decades-old pattern, and that it’s the fault of Social Justice Warriors, and weren’t issues higher again within the good outdated days when films have been enjoyable and he favored them? “You couldn’t have a worse time at the movies if there was an active shooter in the theater,” Maher says, earlier than rattling off the record of nominees. “The 2021 Oscars, brought to you by razor blades, Kleenex, and rope. Please welcome our host, the sad emoji.”

Probably the most baffling a part of the spiel comes when Maher says, “They used to know how to make a movie that was about something. A movie for adults that was also entertaining and not just depressing,” and the stills he contains for instance this level are … the famously miserable Schindler’s Listing and 12 Years a Slave. “Why do so many liberals have the seeming desire to want to be sad?” Maher suggests the reason being “virtue signaling.” However railing towards the self-seriousness of the Oscars and suggesting it’s the fault of the present libs and youngsters today and never the fault of Hollywood pompousness as outdated as time certain feels like “virtue signaling” to us.

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