‘Star Wars’ video exhibits Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Leia

‘Star Wars’ video shows Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Leia

A new “Star Wars” deep faux video determined to exchange Carrie Fisher with Millie Bobby Brown for the function of Princess Leia, and the resemblance is fairly shut.

What’s occurring?

The brand new video exhibits “Stranger Things” star Brown as Princess Leia within the “Star Wars” film.

  • The video comes from Stryder HD, who has made a number of deep faux movies through the years.
  • Followers reportedly selected Brown to star as Princess Leia for the video.
  • “At some point in time we are going to either recast or totally CGI parts of actors if you ever want to see them younger or a prequel of a movie they were in or unfortunately great actors we have lost, maybe to ever see them again,” the video description reads.

Reactions to the video

  • Epic Stream stated: “Millie would definitely be a solid choice to play a younger version of Princess Leia, just like Sebastian Stan is the perfect guy to bring a post-’Return of the JediLuke Skywalker to life.”
  • NetflixLife.com stated: “I don’t know what the future holds for ‘Star Wars’ and Princess Leia’s story, but if they were ever to re-cast the role for other prequels or stories for Disney Plus or theaters, Brown would be the perfect casting choice.”

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