Video exhibits knife-wielding squirrel in girl’s yard

Video shows knife-wielding squirrel in woman's backyard

What a nut!

A squirrel was caught holding a knife in a Toronto girl’s yard this month.

Video posted on Twitter by Andrea Diamond on Jan. 6 confirmed the bushy-tailed critter sitting on a fence whereas clutching a blade.

“He was just gnawing on it, happily,” she advised the Toronto Solar. “Maybe he was sharpening his teeth on it, I haven’t seen that before.”

Diamond, a strategic advisor, stated the furry fiend had gotten a maintain of a paring knife she had left outdoors, close to a tent arrange for social-distancing functions.

“We have a lot of squirrels in our backyard,” she advised the Solar. “I noticed he had something blue in his mouth and I did a double-take and then I realized it was a knife. I started filming.”

The savage squirrels apparently additionally acquired into some hand sanitizer she had left within the yard.

“They’ve eaten through it and maybe taken some away,” she stated. “They’re trying to be COVID conscientious, too, I guess?”

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