Shelby and Toni, Potential Schedule

Shelby and Toni, Possible Schedule

“I do know the place the author desires to see Shelby on the finish, on the absolute finish of the complete collection.”

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of The Wilds, “Day Twenty-Three.”]

The one benefit of leaping into The Wilds a few weeks late? I began Season 1 of the Amazon collection understanding that it was already renewed. So, despite the fact that coming to the tip of Episode 10, “Day Twenty-Three,” was a little bit of a bummer, a minimum of I knew extra was a assure! Sure, we’re going to have to attend a short while to see the continuation of the story, however how about one other silver lining? Having a while between Seasons 1 and a couple of not solely offers us the prospect to have enjoyable theorizing, but it surely additionally offers us the chance to get to know the stellar ensemble.

The Wilds marked Mia Healey’s very first display screen credit score and she or he definitely made essentially the most of it. I’d wish to guess you’re desperate to be taught extra about Healey’s journey to The Wilds and her expertise engaged on the hit Amazon collection. We’re supplying you with simply that in her full episode of Collider Girls Night time dropping tomorrow, however for now, how about a little bit Season 2 tease straight from Healey herself?

The Cast of The Wilds

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To set the scene for you a bit, Healey recalled exactly when she first discovered that The Wilds Season 2 was a go:

“I found out on, it would have been like a week after the show came out. I had a screening for my close friends and family for The Wilds because we couldn’t do a premiere or anything because of COVID, so we did a private screening and it was that night overnight. I must have been sleeping when it was happening in America. I woke up and everyone was going crazy about Season 2 and I was like, ‘What?!’ Waking up hungover trying to figure out what was happening.”

Now that the Season 2 renewal is official, what’s subsequent? Is there any kind of manufacturing timeline on the books? Right here’s what Healey mentioned:

“I don’t know. I have no idea. I think it’s imminent. I think it’s around the corner. I think we’re gonna get this done and dusted so that everyone can get a Season 2 as soon as possible, because we all love everyone’s love for the show so we want to give them back a Season 2 as soon as possible, so I think everyone’s doing the best job they can of making that happen.”

Jenna Clause, Erana James and Mia Healey in The Wilds

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In the event that they’re aiming to get to work on the brand new quick, does that imply Healey already is aware of what Shelby shall be as much as within the second go-around?

“I know where the writer wants to see Shelby at the end, at the absolute end of the entire series, where she wants to see Shelby and what she wants to see Shelby doing. So I know that that’s where she’s going, but I have no idea what’s gonna be happening in Season 2. What I’ve loved so much since the show released is seeing everyone’s theories and reading everyone’s theories. I’m reading some of these theories and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s it!’ You know what I mean? And there’s some that I didn’t even realize were happening that is so true. A lot of these theories are really spot on.”

Whereas Healey doesn’t have particular info on Shelby’s Season 2 journey, she does have her personal hopes for the character and the way she may develop shifting ahead. Right here’s what she mentioned when requested what qualities of Shelby’s she’s most desperate to discover extra:

“Oh, definitely her sexuality and her relationship with Toni, and the relationship that she has with herself and her God and her sexuality. I really want to see some growth there. I think she’s grown so much already, so I don’t want to put any pressure on [laughs], but I think there’s so much room there and I really want to see her just find comfort in herself and not be afraid to be who she is. I really want to see that for her, just personally, because I love that about her.”

Erana James and Mia Healey in The Wilds

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So there it’s! That’s what Healey shared on the standing of Season 2. In case you’re searching for extra from the The Wilds breakout star, we’ll have the total dialog for you tomorrow. And when you’d like extra proper this instantaneous, we already shared the clip of Healey telling us all concerning the bald cap course of and the way they dealt with Shelby’s enamel on the present.

Mia Healey in The Wilds

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