Star Trek Reveals First TV Crossover With Kelvin Timeline Films

Star Trek Reveals First TV Crossover With Kelvin Timeline Movies

Star Trek simply revealed the primary Kelvin timeline motion pictures crossover into the Star Trek tv universe. The Kelvin timeline is the alternate actuality the place the 2009 Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Past happen. That universe was born when the Romulan mining vessel Narada traveled again by time from the post-Star Trek: Nemesis period to the day Captain Kirk was born. Leonard Nimoy’s Spock later adopted from the prime timeline. Nonetheless, nobody from the Kelvin timeline had ever made the journey within the different route till now. A preview of Star Trek: Discovery‘s subsequent episode, first proven on The Prepared Room, reveals crossover from the Kelvin timeline into the Star Trek tv reveals’ prime timeline was revealed by

The footage reveals the return of David Cronenberg as Kovich, the identical Starfleet officer (we expect?) who interrogated Phillippa Georgiou after Discovery arrived at Starfleet headquarters. He discusses Georgiou’s deteriorating situation with Dr. Culber. Kovich has solutions.

Kovich reveals Culber a digital rendering of Yor, a person carrying an early Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology-era Starfleet uniform. Kovich explains that Yor is a “time soldier” who traveled ahead in time to 2379. What makes him distinctive is that he additionally traveled throughout from an alternate dimension spawned by a Romulan mining vessel’s time incursion.

That is a reasonably clear reference to Narada’s journey by time that led to the latest Star Trek motion pictures’ timeline. Kovich does not supply particulars about how or why Kovich jumped by time and the multiverse. He is there for an additional motive. Yor is the one particular person he is aware of of, earlier than Georgiou, who traveled throughout time and universes. It did not agree with him. His bodily make-up rejected displacement in time and timeline. It appears the identical factor is occurring to Georgiou.

Nevertheless, we nonetheless do not know who Kovich is or why he is aware of a lot about all of this. He presumably works for Starfleet since he appears to have free reign of Starfleet headquarters and interrogated Georgiou upon Discovery‘s arrival. Kovich does not costume like Starfleet. He clothes like David Cronenberg. Kovich additionally has an uncommon quantity of details about time journey and alternate universes, even data that needs to be categorized. Is he working for Part 31? Does some type of the Division of Temporal Investigations nonetheless exist even after the Temporal Chilly Struggle? Perhaps this week’s episode of Discovery will present some solutions.

Star Trek: Discovery streams new episodes Thursdays on CBS All Entry.

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