Hillbilly Elegy: Director Ron Howard defends ‘sickeningly irresponsible’ movie

Hillbilly Elegy: Director Ron Howard defends ‘sickeningly irresponsible’ film

It has been broadly criticised for perpetuating stereotypes in regards to the poor, and Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson known as it “a tone-deaf attempt to assuage a very particular kind of liberal guilt by reifying the very thing that caused the guilt in the first place”.

Showing on CBS This Morning on Tuesday (1 December), Howard urged that those that have been essential of his movie is likely to be taking intention at wider political points. “I do feel like they’re looking at political thematics that they may or may not disagree with that, honestly, are not really reflected or are not front and centre in this story,” he mentioned.

Howard added: “What I saw was a family drama that could be very relatable. Yes, culturally specific, and if you’re fascinated by that, I hope you find it interesting.  

“If you’re from the region, I hope you find it authentic because certainly that was our aim and that was our effort. But I felt that it was a bridge to understanding that we’re more alike than we are different.”

The movie’s stars, Adams and Shut, additionally not too long ago defend the movie, with Adams saying: “I believe the universality of the themes of the film far transcend politics.”

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