Ben Stiller teases Andrew Cuomo on successful Emmy only for doing his job

Ben Stiller teases Andrew Cuomo on winning Emmy just for doing his job

Ben Stiller roasted “love guv” Andrew Cuomo on Monday because the Democrat accepted an unlikely Emmy Award — for doing his job in the course of the pandemic when he hosted every day COVID-19 briefings.

The “Zoolander” star was among the many New York-bred celebrities, together with Robert De Niro, Spike Lee, Rosie Perez, Billy Crystal and Billy Joel, to congratulate Cuomo on his Worldwide Emmy Founders Award in the course of the live-streaming ceremony.

“I was trying to think of something that I could say to you that would be funny, so I called your brother Chris who could not understand why you were getting an Emmy when he’s the one on television,” Stiller stated, referring to the governor’s youthful sibling CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

As Crystal and Joel struck extra critical tones hailing Cuomo as “the nation’s governor” and “the epitome of New York tough” — regardless of bungling the response to coronavirus in nursing properties, which killed as many as 11,000 — Stiller continued riffing.

“He also said that now that you’re the love guv you’ve kind of transcended politics … and now you’re really more like a national sex symbol,” the comic stated. “You’ll probably get more dates than votes. That’s him saying that, not me.”

The digital ceremony together with a montage of the governor’s every day press briefings, which earned the 62-year-old pol a fan membership as he waxed poetic in the course of the pandemic with messages of affection, mild and unity — a well-known theme that made its method into his acceptance speech Monday.

“I’m proud of New Yorkers who had the courage to tell the truth and the strength to stand together,” he stated. “That’s what New York robust actually means — to be robust sufficient to say I really like you, I care about you, I would like you, to see previous the colour of pores and skin, faith or sexual orientation to see the humanity in one another, how we’re all interconnected and all interrelated.

“And that our destiny is not individually determined but rather, determined by what we do together.”

The governor’s speech included due to front-line nurses and docs and different important employees — and his superstar buddies.

“I appreciate the humor from my friends in the video. I take it in good stride. And to Ben Stiller, whose teasing took liberal license, testing the boundaries of decorum and good taste, I only say New York tough means one more thing — it means, Ben, I know where you live.”

At a press briefing held simply after delivering his acceptance speech, Cuomo thanked his staffers, as effectively, then joked, “No one mentioned the charisma, or the good looks or the charm.”

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