Rise Twain launch video for The Vary

Rise Twain release video for The Range

US prog rock dup Rise Twain have launched a brand new video for The Vary. The track initially appered on the duo’s ( Echolyn’s Brett William Kull and creator and playwright J.D. Beck) self-titled debut album, which was launched by InsideOut Music in 2019.

The Range is a ballad that speaks of survival,” explains J.D. Beck.. “This survival, however, carries a price beyond that of mortality and ancestry. It is a reflection of a time when people fought in a common country upon uncommon ground, it is tears from the mother for her son that never returned, a promise of a father to his son or daughter to take hold of destiny, and the song of a soldier who survived. Memories carry cold across water while a warm hat remains – a remnant of that brother lost – all for a greater good. The penance of those left, the memories they must bare, and the forgiveness to carry on is all that remains. The grass drinks the war up and grows another year. It is a calling of peace beyond, unto silence, and a resounding echo into our current time.”

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