Sluggish Pulp share hand-illustrated music video for ‘Observe’

Slow Pulp share hand-illustrated music video for 'Track'

Sluggish Pulp have shared an animated, hand-illustrated music video for his or her tune, ‘Track’, created by Philadelphia-based animator and artist Corrine James.

The tune is lifted from the band’s debut LP, ‘Moveys’, launched earlier this month.

Watch the visible under:

In an announcement, vocalist Emily Massey defined the tune was written about her mom’s anxiousness about buying hereditary Alzheimer’s illness.

“I was waiting for the train one day to go home to my parents. There was an older woman who was also waiting on the track and she reminded me of my late Grandmother who I had not thought of in a while,” Massey stated.

“She passed away of Alzheimer’s when I was in high school. My mother often worries she is going to get it as well. The song acts as a letter attempting to reassure her that she will never be forgotten even if she forgets.”

In a further assertion, James stated the animation was “inspired by Emily’s description of her mother”.

“It’s inspired by this beautiful familial love that can sometimes get lost in translation when life creates circumstances that we have no control over,” she stated.

“It’s also inspired by a trip I took to the river, I watched a bird catch a fish and fly away with it. It’s about love and about fear and about the exciting people we meet and the places we get to go while we are feeling both of those emotions.”

In an interview with NME, Massey described the creation of ‘Moveys’ as an expertise that in the end introduced the band nearer collectively.

“We really found our sound with this record,” she stated. “Something really clicked between us when we started working on it. Writing became a lot more natural and a lot more collaborative.”

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