“Let The Dances Final” – Greece 2021 (VIDEO)

"Let the dances last" - Greece 2021

The tune “Let the dances last” by Dionysis Savvopoulos was chosen by the “Greece 2021” Committee because the soundtrack for the official video clip of the 200th anniversary of the 1821 Greek Revolution.

The cheerful and optimistic tune, has been liked by tens of millions of Greeks and presents the historic course of Greece, via the allegory of the celebration of a bunch of recent Greeks.

By means of his lyrics, the timeless course of Hellenism from antiquity to the current day is introduced with explicit sensitivity.

“The communities of the Greeks”, in an ideal nationwide coming collectively, strolling collectively sooner or later, condense in one of the best ways the message of recent and optimistic patriotism that the 200th anniversary of the Revolution is attempting to convey.

“We chose this song because it describes in a unique way our common journey,” Chairperson of the ‘Greece 2021′ Committee, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, stated.

“In 2021 we look forward. We combine our “old and burning tracks” with a brilliant and optimistic future. As a result of the journey of the Greeks continues. So let the dances final!” she concluded.

The video clip was shot at Kallimarmaro and on the Olympic stadium.

Greater than 300 folks have been concerned on this venture which took three months of uninterrupted and collective work to finish.

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