Canine Zoomies with GoPro in Wonderful Video


This foolish video made us chortle out loud. Bonnie, a rescue Pit Bull, performs a sport of chase with a GoPro in tow as her homeowners path behind her. The GoPro, hooked up to a ping pong paddle, provides us essentially the most amusing perspective on Bonnie’s antics together with her lovely flapping ears.

One reddit person feedback “The best part is when she stops, then goes again when she sees the guy chasing her. She’s absolutely having a blast and deliberately staying just out of reach, so she gets chased. It’s a game to her and she’s so excited to win.”

Watch Bonnie hilariously romp round her yard evading her homeowners and the opposite canines within the yard then learn up on seven enjoyable video games you possibly can play together with your canine and see extra canine zoomies.

Filmy Online


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