Producers Reveal The Theme For Season 3

Producers Reveal The Theme For Season 3

DuckTales producers Matt Youngerberg and Frank Angones informed followers what the theme of Season Three is throughout a latest interview with D23. The manager producers are heading right into a highly-anticipated hour-long journey with Darkwing Duck and the fanbase is positively ecstatic. Each Youngerberg and Angones each mentioned that Season Three is de facto about legacy, and that explains all of the Disney Afternoon goodness that has been creeping in increasingly more just lately. Followers have been flipping out when the track “Stand Out” popped up, or the Goof Troop references, or the Rescue Rangers fixing a case within the background. A part of what makes their sequence so nice is that it is making new recollections with these established afterschool classics.

“Season 3 of DuckTales is all about legacy,” Angones defined. “And part of the legacy of the original DuckTales are those Disney Afternoon shows—Rescue Rangers and TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. It’s not an accident that in Season 3 we’re seeing all these Disney Afternoon characters showing up. It’s part of a larger meta-story of something we wanted to say about the original DuckTales and the legacy of the Disney Afternoon.”

“We’ve been seeding a lot of things with Darkwing for a while,” Youngberg added. “There was a lot of stuff early on where the fans of Darkwing were very curious what we were going to do because we were making it a show-within-a-show, which makes it a lot different from the original Darkwing Duck mythos.”’s Rollin Bishop had an opportunity to speak to the duo earlier this week. The inventive crew spoke about not making an attempt to destroy anybody’s childhood with their takes on the fabric.

Angones joked, “Every time a new episode comes on, I say, ‘Is this the one that ruins their childhood? Okay. Hopefully not this one.’ If we can make it to the end of our careers, episode by episode, endeavoring not to ruin your childhood, then we will have done our job.”

Take a look at Disney’s synopsis for the episode down under:

“Darkwing positive aspects an unlikely sidekick as he uncovers a darkish conspiracy tied to the Lacking Mysteries and one among Scrooge’s staff.”

DuckTales presently airs new episodes from Season Three on Monday nights on Disney XD. The one-hour particular “Let’s Get Harmful!” is ready to air Monday, October 19th. You’ll be able to try all of our earlier protection of the present proper right here.

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