The Glorias Trailer 2020 with Julianne Moore: WATCH

The Glorias Trailer 2020 with Julianne Moore: WATCH

The 12 months? 1998. The cosmic coincidence? Two totally different CGI youngsters’s motion pictures about ant colonies — A Bug’s Life and Antz — have been launched in theaters. Now, mainly the identical factor has occurred. Solely as an alternative of dueling tasks concerning the idea of ants, it’s dueling tasks about second wave feminism within the 1970s as informed via the precise lens of the founding of Ms. Journal, delivered to life by revered actresses taking part in Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug in period-appropriate wigs. Earlier this 12 months, the feminist plot of the Mrs. America sequence on Hulu was incessantly interrupted by the Republican plot of Cate Blanchett preventing the ERA. Now, the trailer for Julie Taymor’s The Glorias is out and there’s not a Schlafly in sight. Simply #girlboss #yasqueen signaling and Alicia Vikander for some motive. Which Gloria will come out on high: Rose Byrne or Julianne Moore? The Glorias drops on Prime Video September 30, so you’ll be able to pit ladies in opposition to ladies and be the decide. It’s a trick query, although. The One Gloria to Rule Them All is Gloria Bell.

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