Movie breakdown: Bo Davis’ 5-minute Mic’d Up Video

Film breakdown: Bo Davis’ 5-minute Mic’d Up Video

Now that coaching camp is over, there’s nothing for followers to do however look ahead to Week 1 in opposition to the Chicago Bears. There will likely be no extra observations or damage stories from Jeremy Reisman to sift by, so what are we to do? Simple: obsess over the meager scraps in formally launched footage!

Saturday night, the Lions posted their newest Mic’d Up video to Twitter and YouTube that includes line of defense coach Bo Davis. These movies of coaches shouting encouragement and administering drills to their gamers have been very cool to look at for us followers that by no means have an opportunity to attend camp practices.

All of us take pleasure in watching the stuff produced by the Lions’ media division, and the Mic’d Up movies comprise a shocking quantity of precise soccer stuff; they’re not merely hype movies. As we talked by what we noticed among the many employees, our fearless chief jokingly requested when he was going to get his Bo Davis breakdown article.

What the heck – it’s not like we’ve got something higher to do, proper?

The video, embedded above in full, is rather less than 5 minutes in size. Let’s watch this factor collectively: right here we go, child, right here we go!

00:00 to 00:13 – Intro Montage

Plenty of rain drips down whereas Coach Davis units up some dummies and 78 DT Olive Sagapolu seems to be round ominously. The coach lets us know he’s wired up right this moment.

00:14 – Right here we go child, right here we go!

00:15-00:17 – Get unfastened guys, right here we go!

00:19 – YEAH, BABY!

00:20 to 00:21 – All proper, child, right here we go – right here we go!

00:23 to 00:41 – Pile Fumble Restoration Drill

Okay, that is the primary of the actual segments within the video. The drill entails hiding a unfastened ball underneath a pile of froth our bodies. The participant should find the ball and snatch it, falling right into a cradling place round it. Whereas this appears foolish, it’s really essential and is principally making an attempt to show right ball safety approach after the fumble is recovered.

Right here’s Oregon’s John Neal explaining the issue with a participant (presumably T.J. Ward, who was two-time Professional Bowl however not two-time All-Professional and wore jersey quantity 2 at Oregon) falling flat on high to get better the unfastened ball. That’s dangerous approach as a result of it doesn’t adequately protect the recovered ball from another person prying it away within the pile. Coming at it from the facet with a slide as Neal describes within the metropolis fumble restoration drill protects the ball higher and maximizes the possibilities your participant retains possession. He warns that “this is not easy to teach.”

As with all different drill, the purpose is to verify the gamers undertake this as their instinctive approach to carry out the motion. In a sport, we would like the gamers to do that naturally moderately than flopping on the ball. It’s a basic function drill, and on the 00:38 mark within the Davis video we see 57 LB Anthony Pittman on the left facet and one other participant who might be 40 LB Jarrad Davis since we will hear the coach saying “there we go JD, get it out of there! Good, JD,” and the following shot at 00:39-00:40 seems to be like 25 S Will Harris from the partially-obscured jersey quantity.

00:41 to 01:31 – 5 Level Explosion and Fast Arms Drills

You hear coach Davis yell out because the picture adjustments to 2 linemen on their arms and knees in entrance of blocking dummies: “snap out them hips, let’s go!” An assistant with a ball stick provides them the cue by transferring the ball to simulate an offensive snap and each gamers explode into the dummy with each arms thrust ahead. Right here’s Georgia’s Rodney Garner explaining what the drill is:

Based on Garner, the emphasis is on rolling the hips by and exploding by the opponent. “You can tell who’s tight in the hips and who’s not.” This can be a variation on a drill that Davis did at Alabama because the line of defense coach there.

At 01:12 within the Davis video, the coach says “don’t draw them back, get that extension. Shoot them and get them out there” whereas demonstrating with bent and prolonged arms. That is for the defensive participant to forcefully blast blockers away from them to get room to make shed or cross rush strikes. Right here’s our line of defense coach again in 2016 at Alabama:

Within the clip above, Davis is telling 36 DT Johnny Davis that his arm extension is inadequate. “Get extension Johnny (motioning to extend arms). Johnny, this is what i’m seeing (walks over to the sled) – when I say I want extension, I want to see your elbows locked out (pushes the sled dummy away from his body) right here.”

That is like what Georgia’s Rodney Garner within the video earlier says at 14:41 when he introduces what he calls the Triple Reactor drill: “This is about hands, all right? Getting your hands quicker, getting that extension – punch. I want to emphasize punch here. The one thing about being a defensive lineman is that you’ve got to have violent hands. Quick and violent hands. See, you still get the full extension and everything. You get the elbows lock out, get the separation.” Quickness of arms is crucial, and will be discovered as a degree of focus in lots of different line of defense drill movies like Texas’ Mack Brown’s DL drill video.

01:32 to 01:46 – Hit and Shed

That is similar to a drill that was used at Alabama with an almost similar wanting sled:

The fascinating factor right here is the form of the goal dummy mounted on the sled. The triangular arches are principally the armpits of the blocker the place the participant’s chest plate can be. That’s the pure spot for the explosive punch of a defensive participant to get physique management of the blocker. Within the Lions video, we see 92 DT Kevin Robust and 97 Nick Williams each blast the sled within the armpits and are available off the blocker. This can be a punch for separation, then launch and observe by after disengaging.

01:47 to 02:18 – Match and Attain Drills

This part of the Davis video was what actually made me perk up and listen. In the event you bear in mind Brett Kollman’s 2017 video on how the Inexperienced Bay Packers have found out a approach to legalize holding with what he calls their “hug technique,” the drill proven by the Lions is an attractive sight. Kollman’s video explainer is totally price one other watch, even when you nonetheless bear in mind it.

The hug approach is one thing we’re additionally accustomed to seeing as Detroit Lions followers, and basically boils right down to an offensive lineman grabbing the shoulder pads from the facet to manage a defensive participant. What Kollman factors out is that the officers will solely ever throw a penalty flag in the event that they see a defender being grabbed outdoors the body by a blocker, nevertheless it’s nearly inconceivable for that to occur when the offensive blocker is already illegally holding them from each side. We run right into a hen and egg drawback the place the holding prevents the referees from seeing what they require to truly name the holding.

In Georgia coach Garner’s video, he really has a sequence of drills that look precisely just like the Inexperienced Bay approach: one participant grabs the shoulders of a defensive lineman, who should break away by throwing open his hips and opening up the blocker’s stance to get a lane round. The Lions are doing the same factor, besides taking it one step additional by having the “blocker” seize the shoulder pads like a Inexperienced Bay offensive lineman.

It’s actually fascinating to listen to coach Davis telling 99 DE Will Clarke at 01:56 “your elbow’s like this (bends his arm), I need extension (straightens his arm). I want to see him locked out here. (bends and straightens his arms repeatedly). Lock him out! Lock him out!” The entire drills construct on one another for a similar objectives.

02:19 to 02:31 – Kerryon Johnson Cuts it Again

Jeremy Reisman’s favourite a part of the Davis Mic’d Up video was a staff drill from coaching camp day 7 exhibiting 10 QB David Blough handing off to 33 HB Kerryon Johnson for an enormous inside zone cutback run. This seems to be like it’s really a lot of the starters on each side of the ball, aside from Blough (which I suppose shouldn’t be that related since it’s a working play) and 63 G Beau Benzschawel taking part in middle. 97 DT Nick Williams is lined up because the outermost defensive lineman as a part of an enormous bundle with what seems to be like (it’s a dangerous angle so it’s laborious to see jersey numbers) Williams, 71 NT Danny Shelton, 93 DT Da’Shawn Hand, and 95 DE Romeo Okwara throughout the entrance.

On the snap, rookie 73 RG Jonah Jackson fires out to the second stage whereas 72 RT Halapoulivaati Vaitai reaches to chop off Williams. The middle, Benzschawel, takes on Shelton head-up, so the crucial block is Vaitai on Williams. You may hear the despair in coach Davis’ voice when he breaks it down because it’s occurring: “Nope, he cut out right there. We lost the 3.” As Kerryon Johnson dashes down the sideline, Davis yells out “come on Nick, you gotta stay there, Nick!”

After the play, the video cuts to the coach with Williams on the facet. “You rip across that mfer’s face to get there. If you swim, then he’s going to push you out of the hole.” Going again to the video, we will see what coach is speaking about. Within the second panel above, Vaitai has a great attain place to chop off Williams (boxed in pink) from the again facet B-gap (the purple field). As a substitute of transferring throughout Vaitiai’s face (for instance, with a rip transfer as Davis suggests), Williams tries to penetrate by swimming over Vaitai together with his proper arm.

The issue is that each 25 S Will Harris and Williams are actually sitting within the again facet C-gap. Two defenders in the identical hole means one is empty for the ball-carrier to burst by, and Kerryon finds it.

02:32 to 02:59 – Vertical Excessive

The following section within the video seems to be loads like work on an arm-over fashion block defeating transfer. The lineman pushes energy in a single path, after which reverses again the opposite approach by rapidly whipping the entrance facet arm over and behind the blocker. It’s not precisely a swim transfer, however extra like a smaller motion arm-over like Cam Jordan talked to Brian Baldinger and Ron Jaworski about in an NFL Movie Session video.

03:00 to 03:38 – Flowing with zone blockers

Coming again to taking part in the run, we’ve got a brief factor that appears like a lesson on stretching out zone performs. “It’s not so much you’re gaining ground up the field, as so much you’re getting where? Here, and staying flat (moving lateral to the line of scrimmage). Because where’s that ball coming? Downhill, right? So if you stay flat down the hill line, what’s going to happen? You’re going to run in through it.” Staying in entrance of the play and refusing to provide the runner a cutback lane is a reasonably good approach to pressure the offense into the 12th defender, which has an ideal file at stopping the ball-carrier: the sideline.

03:39 to 04:17 – Cross rush one-on-ones

On the finish of the drill footage, we get to see a couple of cross rush one-on-one reps:

  • Danny Shelton goes proper, then pulls Beau Benzschawel throughout his face and throws Benzschawel in that path to get a lane to the left as an alternative.
  • Da’Shawn Hand beats Logan Stenberg with a club-rip transfer to Hand’s proper.
  • Romeo Okwara beats Jonah Jackson to the surface with a pace chop-rip across the edge. Davis factors out that Okwara’s left hand on the blocker’s inside shoulder is just too far over, and that setting that nearer to the sternum would give him higher management.
  • Olive Sagapolu will get by Benzschawel with a pull-rip to the within. Davis praises Sagapolu’s hand positioning.

04:18 to 4:52 – Inspirational message of the day

2020 is wanting like it is going to be a tough yr for sports activities, however we simply have to come back out with a great mindset. Yeah, we’re posting some fairly ridiculous stuff on Satisfaction of Detroit and the feedback system may not do every part we would like it to do, however we’ll repair it. That’s what the (canceled) preseason is for. The common season is correct across the nook, so hopefully that saves all of us Lions followers from the pit of desperation for precise materials we’re in now.

See you all for extra film time enjoyable in two weeks!

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