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Earlier this month a beautiful factor – keep in mind these? – occurred. Twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams, who put up YouTube vids below the identify Twinsisthenewtrend, shared a clip that went viral. In it, the affably enthusiastic 21-year-olds sit right down to hearken to Phil Collins’s moody, 1981 reverb anthem Within the Air Tonight. And, effectively, that’s it. The clip is simply them, doing that. However their reactions made it probably the most talked-about movies of the yr, clocking up over six million views in three weeks. As a result of there’s a twist: the twins had by no means heard this music earlier than. Their minds are suitably, and adorably, blown.

“I ain’t never seen nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song!” they hoot, delighted, after Phil clatters in with that drum fill – the one we’ve been so aware of for thus lengthy that it’s handed into the graveyard of hoary previous cliche. However listening to it by contemporary ears – their ears – and watching the twins as they’re floored for the primary time reminded individuals what a tremendous musical second it’s. As a direct results of the clip, the music shot to No 2 within the US iTunes charts.

First-reaction movies have been a thriving, and moderately joyous, subsection of social media for years. In 2018, YouTuber Bman shared a video of him experiencing Bohemian Rhapsody chilly. Watching the total gamut of human feelings – light contemplation, wistful disappointment, wide-gobbed amazement – shimmer throughout his face, because the music lunges from one operatic motion to the following, is nothing in need of great. “WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!” he asks on the finish, on the verge of tears. Bohemian Rhapsody is such a pillar of music that it’s taken as a right, in the identical method gravity is taken as a right. Bman reminds you what a monumental achievement Freddie Mercury managed to tug off, since you’re proper there with him, listening to it anew.

When you generally suppose “If I hear Lynyrd Skynrd’s Free Bird one more time, I’m going to catch that stupid bird and throttle it”, then permit YouTuber No Life Shaq to remind you the way flat-out good it’s. If Coronary heart’s cheesetastic By no means has began to pong, then Sincerely, KSO will Febreze the guff away along with her sheer, unbridled pleasure. Enter Sandman sending you to sleep? Tom Fearon’s slack-jawed amazement would possibly make you rethink. Their enthusiasm is infectious. As viewers, it goes past easy nostalgic appreciation of those songs: it’s a method of reliving your personal first experiences of them by proxy.

Most significantly, regardless of predictably joyless accusations that lots of the movies are staged, they symbolize a degree of wholesomeness that’s sorely missing in music appreciation proper now. No snark, no whataboutery, completely no pretension. Simply individuals loving some nice music, presumably reminding you that you simply – sure, you – nonetheless like it, too.

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