Home News 11-year-old overcomes bullying with music video

11-year-old overcomes bullying with music video

11-year-old overcomes bullying with music video

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) –

Bella Loya is within the sixth grade and says she was being bullied from a former pal on tik-tok. 

“I started getting like more fans than her and she started getting jealous of it and she would tell my friends don’t be her friend because of this and make up lies.”

Now she is standing up for herself with a music she wrote and a music video she recorded referred to as See You Later Hater. 

Bella says the turning level got here when the lady who bullied her mentioned her music wouldn’t get plenty of views. 

“I was like doing karaoke from other like artist and singing them and one day I just decided how about I have my own and she was bullying me about everything.”

Her mother says she was actually stunned how briskly this happened. She’s happy with Bella for turning a hurtful second into motivation. 

“Instead of feeding into it, you know, try to turn it into something positive. It seem to work for her.”

And Bella hopes different women like her do the identical. 

“Tell them see you later hater and just ignore the person and don’t let them hurt your feelings about things they say or do.”

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