Video of 11-year-old Palestinian rapper goes viral

Video of 11-year-old Palestinian rapper goes viral

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An 11-year-old boy in Gaza is getting Web well-known for his mad rap expertise.

Abdelrahman Alshantti, whose first language is Arabic, was filmed dropping his spectacular rhymes in English. Surrounded by his somber pals, his lyrics make clear points in his house area.

A video of an 11-year-old Abdalrahman Alshantti rapping in English while surrounded by his school friends in Gaza has gone viral on social media.
Video of 11-year-old Abdelrahman Alshantti rapping in English whereas surrounded by his college pals in Gaza has gone viral.mca.rap by way of Storyful

The video, uploaded to his Fb and Instagram accounts, has introduced in a whole bunch of views. His Fb web page, mca.rap, has greater than 7.3K followers.

Within the video, Alshantti raps about his life in Gaza and the hardships he and plenty of others face amid tensions between Israel and Palestine. On Instagram, he mentioned he’s “an 11 year old who raps in English. I aim to spread peace, unity & love through my music.”

“There’s a chance you can die, we’ll see what the future holds. My life is on the line, right behind the bullet holes,” he raps within the emotional video concerning the war-torn Gaza Strip.

Alshantti, who’s been rapping since he was simply 9 years outdated, says he hopes to turn into “Palestine’s Eminem,” in response to Reuters.

He additionally raps about different political points, together with the demise of George Floyd — a message that was shared by British rapper Lowkey.

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