Canines be a part of forces to steal leftover dinner off counter in humorous video

Dogs join forces to steal leftover dinner off counter in funny video

These fluffy leftover vigilantes realized they had been stronger collectively.

A Norway-based canine coach’s dinner leftovers had been no match for his pups after they determined to affix forces.

Whereas border collie buddies Harley and Henry can simply discover a approach to purchase human grub — even when it’s positioned on the stovetop — Hugo the corgi is just too vertically challenged to achieve the highest of the kitchen counter. Until, as he found lately, he stands on Harley and Henry’s backs.

“Hugo always wants to do the same as they do, run fast, jump high and steal food from the counter. But a corgi has short legs and all of these things aren’t always easy to do,” Norwegian pooch coach Line Fatland Frøystad instructed SWNS.

Then got here the day Harley and Henry discovered how one can kind a furry footstool so 8-month-old Hugo might study the pleasures of leftover theft for himself.

Hugo, Harley and Henry
Hugo, Harley and HenryLine Fatland Frøystad / SWNS

“One day after dinner I noticed Hugo was jumping on the back of Henry and Harley to reach the food,” mentioned Frøystad, who runs the account @funnybubbledogs on Instagram, the place he paperwork the hilarious doings of his six canines. (Along with Harley, Henry and Hugo, there may be additionally a Podengo named Jolie and two different border collies, Janis and Kylie.)

“My corgi is raised together with his border collie brothers,” he mentioned, posting video documentation of the dinner break-in to Instagram with the caption, “The Corgi and his partners in crime!”

The occasion might show a one-off, although, as Hugo didn’t repay his assistants.

“The moment he got up, he attacked the food. The two border collies were probably hoping he would share some, but he didn’t,” mentioned Frøystad.

The incident, as cute because it was, additionally spoke to a deeper and intensely related fact, the canine lover believed.

“Looking back, I’m thinking this video has a really good message,” he mentioned. “We all need to work together to achieve our goals and, at this time with COVID, I think this video is what we need.”

Hugo, Harley and Henry
Hugo, Harley and HenryLine Fatland Frøystad / SWNS

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