Dua Lipa Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Stay!, Offers Monologue

Dua Lipa Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Gives Monologue

For those who don’t need to see Dua Lipa ship her first late-night monologue, don’t keep up, don’t sit down, don’t begin caring about Kimmel now. The singer is the newest celeb to visitor host Jimmy Kimmel Stay! throughout Kimmel’s summer season trip and, nicely, for her first internet hosting gig, she dealt with it like a professional. “You know that song your kid listened to, like, 5,000 times trying to perfect a dance on TikTok?,” she asks viewers at house. “That was me. You’re welcome. And I’m sorry. Jimmy and I actually just switched jobs for the night. Right now, I’m here, and he’s performing for thousands of people at a dance hall in Berlin, in a very tight tank top.”

Along with interviewing her pop predecessor Gwen Stefani later within the night, Lipa additionally allowed herself to get evenly roasted by a cadre of aged music followers responding to her music and appears on to her face. “That’s terrible,” one lady muses over a yellow tartan crop high. “If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want her to go out in that.” Mentioned one other reviewer, “It looks like she’s trying too hard.” In terms of internet hosting late-night TV, nonetheless, she’s type of making an attempt the right quantity.

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