‘Host’ Filmmakers Tease the Upcoming Horror Film They’re Making With Sam Raimi

'Host' Filmmakers Tease the Upcoming Horror Movie They're Making With Sam Raimi

In case you’re a fan of Shudder’s Host and also you wish to study as a lot as you possibly can in regards to the manufacturing, you’ll wish to give a take heed to the most recent episode of Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast, which incorporates a practically hour-long interview with director Rob Savage and co-writer Jed Shepherd. Savage and Shepherd contact upon all the things from the true seance the forged performed previous to filming the 60-minute film to the movie’s VFX and the way they have been pulled off remotely by the workforce, they usually even tease a behind the scenes featurette that’s coming quickly.

Through the chat, Savage and Shepherd additionally contact upon what they’ve obtained within the works post-Host, once more promising “an amazing follow-up” movie they’re hoping to make. As they observe, whether or not or not that film will get made will largely rely on how many individuals stream Host by means of Shudder. However one film that’s positively within the works is a one-location supernatural characteristic being produced by Sam Raimi. That undertaking was introduced earlier than Host grew to become an indie horror sensation, and the duo tells the Boo Crew that it’s going to be one thing particular.

We’ve got a great script that we’re really excited about. It’s not a spoiler to say that it’s in this similar supernatural space, but it pushes in a much different direction from Host,” Savage explains. “It’s one of those ideas where you hear it, it’s very simple, and you’re amazed that nobody’s ever done it before. When we first talked about it, we immediately Google’d and we couldn’t believe that nobody happened upon this idea before. It feels so fundamental in the way that it tackles the horror genre.”

He continues, “So we’re really hoping that when the world goes back to normal that’ll be the next thing we do outside of the found footage genre.”

Yeah, it’s one of those ideas where, like, I’m constantly watching old horror movies thinking, ‘It must be from this. It’s too good to be true.’ But it’s not. It’s original,” Shepherd provides.

Talking a few current table-read of the script, Savage notes, “Working with [Sam Raimi] is an absolute dream for both of us. He’s a filmmaker who really inspired us.”

You may take heed to the complete Episode #147 under, which additionally gives some clues with reference to Easter eggs and expanded mythology that you could find if you revisit Host on Shudder!

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