How Star Trek Past Redefined the Prime Timeline

How Star Trek Beyond Redefined the Prime Timeline

And, on prime of all of the fantastic Trek aesthetics, there’s one refined manner that Star Trek Past radically dove into the mythology of the Prime Universe timeline. When the film reveals its greatest twist, late within the third act, we’re given a Starfleet historical past lesson that mainly, explains why Starfleet is so bizarre and duplicitous all through the complete franchise. In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, David Marcus implies Starfleet is the navy, and scientists are simply their “pawns.” Star Trek Past tackles why this notion exists, and why it’s not solely improper. 

The most important revelation in Star Trek Past happens in the direction of the top of the movie after we study that, within the 22nd century, the reformation of Starfleet was partially the results of compelled navy integration. It seems {that a} man named Captain Balathaz Edison (Idris Elba) has mutated into the villainous alien often known as Krall. When Scotty frantically seems up Edison’s service data, the crew is informed Edison was a member of Navy Assault Command Operations, higher often known as MACO in prequel sequence Star Trek: Enterprise.

Within the context of Enterprise, MACO is an Earth-based navy power that labored individually – and other than – Starfleet (although beginning in season three of Enterprise, a number of members of MACO have been stationed considerably completely aboard the NX-01 Enterprise). This comes from a interval of Trek historical past the place Starfleet exists however the United Federation of Planets doesn’t. 

Analogously, MACO troopers engaged on the NX-01 Enterprise could be like energetic obligation Marines hitching a experience on a NASA operated spacecraft. Simply because your spacecraft is carrying troopers, it doesn’t make these troopers defacto members of NASA. Nevertheless, the fascinating wrinkle in Past is that, after the formation of the Federation in roughly 2160, a number of members of MACO have been apparently made into Starfleet officers. As Scotty places it within the movie: “His military service came to an end when MACO was disbanded… the Federation, Starfleet… we’re not a military agency.” 

The backstory for Balthazar Edison recontextualizes nearly every thing we learn about Starfleet historical past. Within the sequence Enterprise, the formation of the Federation and the evolution of Starfleet was solely briefly glimpsed. Not counting the flash-forward within the sequence finale (which is a holographic simulation, technically) Enterprise confirmed Starfleet from the years 2151 to 2155. The Federation and the “new” Starfleet doesn’t actually exist till after 2160 or 2161, and Captain Edison is actually the one Trek character we’ve met who lived by way of this time interval. 

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