George Lucas Saving Star Wars; Kathleen Kennedy Leaving For J.J. Abrams

George Lucas Saving Star Wars; Kathleen Kennedy Leaving For J.J. Abrams

It is claimed that George Lucas might be again at Star Wars to avoid wasting the day, with Kathleen Kennedy leaving Lucasfilm for J.J. Abrams and his Unhealthy Robotic manufacturing firm.

The knowledge once more comes from the “future ruler of Earth,” Doomcock, from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel, who has lately supplied rumors about Disney resetting Star Wars, and extra.

Doomcock’s newest replace regarding the “civil conflict” happening at LucasFilm consists of that quite a few sources have stuffed in that his data is true.

Kathleen Kennedy surrendering position as the top of LucasFilm

“No, it’s most assuredly not BS,” says Doomcock, and when sources are requested if Kathleen Kennedy is certainly gone, they replied, “Sure.”

“Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have come to an association and Kathleen Kennedy will quickly be departing from LucasFilm. Certainly, in sensible phrases, she is already successfully out,” says Doomcock who affords specifics on Kennedy’s departure from Disney Lucasfilm should not recognized.

“If the data is true, it seems that Kathleen Kennedy has or might be surrendering her position as the top of LucasFilm and leaving the flaming wreckage of Star Wars behind,” says Doomcock.

Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams Star Wars Disney

Kathleen Kennedy leaving Star Wars for J.J. Abrams and Unhealthy Robotic

The YouTuber additionally affords a rumor that he has heard – that he says to take with an enormous grain of salt – which is that Kathleen Kennedy is in talks with Unhealthy Robotic, J.J. Abrams’ manufacturing firm, which is creating content material for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service in addition to Apple TV Plus (Abrams directed The Pressure Awakens and returned to attempt to make things better with The Rise fo Skywalker for Kennedy).

Doomcock additionally beforehand provided that Kennedy is likely to be leaving Lucasfilm to begin her personal female-centric manufacturing firm, so maybe that might tie into with Abrams’ Unhealthy Robotic.

George Lucas Star Wars baby yoda

Disney needs George Lucas to avoid wasting Star Wars

Relating to George Lucas, it is claimed Disney needs George Lucas to take the reins from Kathleen Kennedy and save Star Wars.

“Disney traders have been attempting to get George Lucas again for just a few months now,” explains Doomcock. “Up till just a few weeks in the past, Lucas would change the topic when requested about returning, avoiding the subject, or responding in a noncommital method. Effectively, about three weeks in the past, they requested Lucas point-blank, ‘What would it not take to get you on board with heading up Lucasfilm?’ Allegedly, George Lucas mentioned this: ‘If I have been to return, I’ve 4 situations that must be met.'”

The 4 situations George Lucas needs from Disney to return to Star Wars consists of:

  • Situation #1: I get to make my Sequel Trilogy.
  • Situation #2: I’ve full artistic energy till I resolve at hand it off.
  • Situation #3: Kathleen Kennedy is gone.
  • Situation #4: Disney agrees to by no means ever mess with the unique trilogy, leaving it untouched.

Doomcock affords that Lucas closed out the communication with Disney noting that none of that is negotiable, which noticed Disney reply: “So when do you begin?”

George Lucas and Jon Favreau

George Lucas, the brand new head of Lucasfilm with Jon Favreau below him

The YouTuber additionally goes over earlier data he has been given with reference to Jon Favreau, as rumors provide Favreau might be the brand new head of Lucasfilm.

“The present proposal is that George Lucas can be the top of Lucasfilm,” says Doomcock. “Jon Favreau can be put in command of creating unique content material for Disney Plus whereas a 3rd unnamed particular person can be put in command of film manufacturing at LucasFilm. All of those folks finally below the authority of Lucas who will set in movement a brand new period for Star Wars, The Star Wars Verse.”

(My guess: May the third particular person be head of Marvel Kevin Feige?)

Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars Lucasfilm

Kathleen Kennedy gone from Disney Star Wars, Lucasfilm

Doomcock goes over the data he has been instructed and sums up what’s perceived to be taking place with the ouster of Kennedy that additionally entails a minimize of Skywalker that George Lucas put collectively.

“Disney is deeply sad with how Star Wars has underperformed below Kennedy’s management and so they resolve to not renew her contract in 2021, however then bigwigs noticed the Lucas Lower and flipped out about how a lot cash Disney misplaced by not releasing that minimize of the movie this previous Christmas as an alternative of the Abrams Lower,” says Doomcock. “They blame Kennedy for the choice to shelve the Lucas Lower in order that they resolve to use strain to presumably get Kennedy out even ahead of 2021 and recruit George Lucas to avoid wasting the day.”

Disney Star Wars

Disney in very, very severe monetary difficulties

Just like what I used to be instructed concerning the state of the film business, Doomcock says that “Disney is in very, very severe monetary difficulties,” and he says they may not wish to wait till 2022 to make things better, with the massive announcement anticipated at Star Wars Celebration.

“[Disney] might not be capable of wait till 2022 to begin righting the ship,” says Doomcock. “They want a hero now, and that hero is George Lucas.”

Star Wars Disney

Large adjustments coming to Disney with Star Wars

The YouTuber additionally touched upon the notion that every one his data and rumors may not be legit, as one other supply says George Lucas may not wish to be the brand new head of Lucasfilm with all of the accountability and work required (Lucas is 76-years-old) however says Lucas might all the time tackle some kind of advisory position, might seek the advice of and even write scripts; nonetheless, Doomcock says the supply that stuffed him in about Lucas’ 4 ultimatums above with reference to returning to Star Wars is sticking with what he has been instructed.

Doomcock does carry up level in that no matter whether or not the data is 100% proper on the cash, that issues are “quickly altering” at Disney and Lucasfilm and that Kennedy is more than likely out with a brand new staff approaching board to avoid wasting Star Wars in 2022 or sooner.

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