Tokyo Drift Had To Rent A Fall Man To Get Arrested On Set

Tokyo Drift Had To Hire A Fall Guy To Get Arrested On Set

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Everybody on a movie set has a job. Plenty of individuals are throughout, however everyone does one little factor to ensure the entire operation works easily. And—I can’t consider I didn’t already know this—within the case of The Quick and the Livid: Tokyo Drift, one man held the distinguished job of “get arrested pretending to be the director.”

I ran into this story from two days in the past put up by ScreenRant that explains how getting filming permits in Tokyo is tough, getting them within the standard vacationer district of Shibuya is more durable, and getting them as an up-and-coming Western director was principally unattainable, so the film studio went about issues the one means it might. Per ScreenRant:

The studio was properly conscious of the issue in buying movie permits in Japan; the truth is, most motion pictures set within the metropolis are shot at different areas and reproduced to appear like Tokyo. Ever because the James Bond 1967 movie, You Solely Stay Twice, legal guidelines and rules have grow to be extra strict. The method is pricey and irritating, so Tokyo-set motion pictures are hardly ever genuine. Some administrators went to nice lengths to shoot on-location, just like the case with Sofia Coppola negotiating closely to movie 2003’s Misplaced in Translation. Lin, nevertheless, was nonetheless a newcomer on the time, so he took the danger. Common then employed a “fall guy” who remained on set if bother arose. Shortly after capturing in Shibuya, the crew was kicked out of the world by legislation enforcement. When the police tried to arrest the director, the autumn man claimed that he was Lin and spent an evening in jail.

ScreenRant additionally notes that a number of the precise well-known scene makes use of CGI, which is fairly clear while you watch it once more:


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Now, this story doesn’t really supply something, however fortunately sufficient for me, Justin Lin really talked to the press about this incident when the film was popping out, so I can pull this from DigitalSpy, posted the day earlier than the film’s launch in 2009:

Lin advised DS that Common employed a “fall guy” to accompany him in Tokyo as a result of Japanese authorities refuse to offer out permits for location shoots.

The director defined: “When we went to shoot in Tokyo it’s a very different culture. They don’t give out film permits. We would be setting up a scene and people would just walk right through the set. I had this one guy, I thought he said he was me. I didn’t know what that meant.

“I wanted to shoot in Shibuya, which is the most crowded place in Tokyo. The cops, they’re all so polite, so it takes ten minutes for them to come over and kick you out. They shut us down, I’d gotten all my shots, but I didn’t know they were going to arrest me. Another guy stepped up and said, ‘I’m the director.’ I found out that it was his job to take the fall for me. He went to jail for the night and I’m forever grateful.”

This nonetheless appeared a bit bizarre that the “fall guy” by no means will get a reputation in these tales, so I saved wanting and located this from 2014, posted by Moveable Feast. It was a abstract of feedback made by Justin Lin at a movie pageant screening of Tokyo Drift, discussing some little-known info about capturing. In it we get a touch at who the man was:

Movie permits weren’t an possibility for the manufacturing since they don’t grant them in Tokyo, so Lin needed to run-and-gun within the metropolis, notably any time he filmed on the famously busy intersection Shibuya Crossing. The crew realized they’d have about 20 minutes of capturing time earlier than police would arrive to cease filming and when the police would ask who was the director, one member of the crew (who would additionally play the bathhouse attendant within the movie) made it his job to announce himself because the director so he can be carted off for an evening in jail as a substitute of Lin. “He was the Japanese me,” stated Lin.

OK! The bathhouse attendant. I do not forget that scene. Our hero goes to gather some cash from a person in a bathhouse, who seems to be Konishiki! Konishiki was born in Hawaii and have become the primary overseas wrestler to succeed in the second-highest rank in sumo, ōzeki, which is a few critical shit. Much less critical however equally spectacular: folks would name him “Meat Bomb.” Very rad.

In any case, right here’s that scene:

Just one man in there might actually be referred to as a “bathhouse attendant” and it’s this dude right here:

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However sadly he seems uncredited and unlisted in IMDB’s full forged and crew web page.

If you’re the man who acquired arrested pretending to be Justin Lin, our electronic mail is suggestions at jalopnik dot com. We’d love to listen to how your evening went.

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