Moses Sumney Directs a Resplendent Brief Movie in Collaboration With Thom Browne

Moses Sumney Directs a Resplendent Short Film in Collaboration With Thom Browne

Browne echoes this. “I wanted to create an image that was truly inspirational, truly monumental. The reference of sports and the Olympics are always inspiring to me,” Browne wrote through e-mail. “Moses brought this power and presence to the performance.”

Picture: Courtesy of Thom Browne
Picture: Courtesy of Thom Browne

The movie has all the weather of what would possibly historically represent a style trade shifting picture: singular expertise, and a particular garment, a bit of buyable product (that’s Browne’s upcoming collaboration with Beats by Dre, a mission by which 100% of proceeds will probably be donated to charity). However the message of the movie stands light-years forward of different style world content material launched this month.

“There are many things [I hope people take from this film,]” Sumney begins. “I think the fashion world feels like such a dynasty and you gain relevance largely by inheritance in that world. That has always been an obstacle for people like me—I’m not from New York City, I’m not from a rich family, I’m not from a fashion family. I had to hit the ground running and learn about the brands, learn who the designers were, and learn how to put myself together while scrolling through Tumblr and YouTube in the suburbs. It’s hard to do that and gain any sort of prominence in this world. I think that this piece is so good, and feels so confident; what it says to me is that more designers really should be looking to collaborate with people who not only are going against the grain, but aren’t the most obvious names.… It really speaks to what is possible when you give an opportunity to someone who isn’t the obvious choice and make art that isn’t obvious.”

For all of Sumney’s worldwide success—his newest album Grae is wow—the one style occasions I’ve ever seen him at have been Browne’s exhibits and dinners. Why is that? “I would agree that it is a missed opportunity while the world is changing rapidly and drastically right in front of our eyes,” the musician says. “You can either choose to be a part of that change and help craft a new narrative, or you can be left behind and be part of the old guard. I hope that people realize they are making an active choice between those two things when they continue to do the same shit over and over.… I think it’s much more exciting to not just be supporting a new generation of voices, but a new scope of ideas and ways of collaboration.”

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