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Rise of Skywalker: Palpatine's Sith Crowd On Exegol Explained - Screen Rant

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker reveals the Emperor has returned and is constructing a military on the planet Exegol, the place a crowd of tons of, if not hundreds of followers, worship the Sith Order and Darth Sidious. Whereas the film doesn’t clarify intimately who these followers are, The Rise of Skywalker’s visible dictionary and novelization identify them because the Sith Everlasting, a faction devoted to bringing a couple of new Empire. Their creation was many years earlier than the sequel trilogy, and their affect went past their dwelling planet.

After the deaths of Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, the Sith Order was destroyed, and the Jedi prophecy of the Chosen One was fulfilled. Nevertheless, deep within the Unknown Areas of the galaxy, a bunch of cultists on the planet Exegol nonetheless believed within the Sith faith. They stored working within the shadows to put in a brand new Empire as soon as once more dominated by a Sith Lord. For many years they constructed a brand new fleet of Star Destroyers, infiltrated the First Order, and influenced Kylo Ren’s path to the Darkish Aspect. They sought and utilized many secrets and techniques of the Darkish Aspect of the Pressure, indoctrinating your complete inhabitants of Exegol to do their bidding. And so they did all of this beneath the steerage and orders of Emperor Palpatine himself.

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As he fell down the reactor shaft of the second Loss of life Star, the Emperor transferred his consciousness to a clone physique created on Exegol. Nevertheless, it turned shortly obvious to the Emperor and the Sith Everlasting that clones couldn’t maintain him for lengthy, their our bodies finally decaying past usefulness. The cultists continued to experiment, hoping to search out the best system to completely restore their chief. One of many clones managed to outlive however couldn’t wield the power. As a substitute, Darth Sidious used him to proceed his bloodline, and the clone finally married a girl and fathered Rey.

Snoke was the creation of the Sith Eternal on Exegol

Maybe realizing that, and not using a correct physique, he couldn’t rule the First Order, and his plan wasn’t but prepared for him to disclose his survival, Sidious ordered Sith Everlasting to create Snoke. One in all Snoke’s objectives was to organize Kylo Ren to rule the Sith, testing his dedication to the Darkish Aspect. One other servant of the Sith Everlasting cult was Jedi-killer and Sith murderer Ochi of Bestoon. It was Ochi who sought the Emperor’s household and killed Rey’s mother and father however couldn’t retrieve her in Jakku earlier than dying. After Rey turned a Jedi, because the cultists failed to offer him a correct physique, the Emperor determined she can be his excellent inheritor. As soon as Rey arrived at Exegol, he gathered the cultists to carry out a ritual that might flip her to the Darkish aspect and provides her the Throne of the Sith.

In the meantime, the military constructed by the Sith Everlasting fought off the Resistance forces on the darkish skies of Exegol. In the long run, Rey channeled the spirits of all Jedi and destroy Darth Sidious. The following explosion of Pressure power killed the Emperor and worn out all of the cultists within the room. With the First Order additionally defeated, the Sith Everlasting cult was fully destroyed together with their chief. However who is aware of for the way lengthy? The Emperor at all times knew he can be betrayed by Vader and created the Sith Everlasting as a contingency plan. Darth Sidious planning for one more defeat wouldn’t be shocking.

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