‘Star Wars’ Followers Argue Over Whether or not or Not Rey Is As Cherished As Anakin and Luke Skywalker

'Star Wars' Fans Argue Over Whether or Not Rey Is As Loved As Anakin and Luke Skywalker

Many Star Wars critics ripped aside Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December 2019 when it was launched. So, followers ponder whether Rey (Daisy Ridley) will grow to be well-known as Anakin (Jake Lloyd/Hayden Christensen) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) are within the Star Wars fandom.

‘Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley as Rey | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Photographs for Disney

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‘Star Wars’ Followers agree that the sequel trilogy is extra beloved now than when it got here out

When Anakin Skywalker joined the Star Wars saga, the diehard followers and critics didn’t like him or the flicks. Nevertheless, over time, the youngsters who grew up watching the prequels grew to become adults who fondly keep in mind the movie.

“I was a teenager when the prequels came out and loved them (still do), back then, I was very much in the minority,” one Reddit consumer wrote. “It was VERY hard to find anyone who liked them. You basically couldn’t even say you liked them because people would jump down your throat.”

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Many followers remark that Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was so hated due to the hype that got here with it. Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi got here out in 1983, there was a 16-year hole till the prequels started.

For followers who beloved the unique trilogy, they had been disillusioned by the film; nevertheless, the youngsters fell in love with Anakin.

Many ‘Star Wars’ followers imagine Rey can be beloved extra as time goes on

“Give it time and yes,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “This is because Star Wars is for kids. When you see these movies as a kid, it’s truly something special. That’s the same reason why Anakin is beloved today but was hated when the prequels first came out. Those kids who went and saw the prequels are now adults.”

Many followers really feel that Rey will grow to be extra well-known as time goes by. The children will develop up and watch the film with their children. 

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“Star Wars is generational, and a new generation grew up with Rey as their hero,” one other fan added. “There’s always resistance to change, but in time, those who were inspired by her will gain platforms and express that love (many already have).”

Different followers add that she is already a legend in children’ eyes as we speak. 

Some ‘Star Wars’ followers nonetheless disagree that Rey is on the identical degree as Anakin and Luke

“A lot of people in the comments here seem to forget the reason why people came around to the prequels,” wrote one fan. “It isn’t blind adulation, it’s because people eventually saw through the shoddy dialogue and realized the nuance, symbolism, and amazing creativity the films had to offer.”

As with every little thing Star Wars, there’ll all the time be a cause for followers to disagree.

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