Watch the Trailer for Tom Hanks Warfare Film, Greyhound

Watch the Trailer for Tom Hanks War Movie, Greyhound

The very first thing to find out about Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks, is that it’s not about Tom Hanks touring on a Greyhound bus and getting as much as some enjoyable bus-based-hijinks. In reality, there are not any hijinks on this movie, as a result of it’s a Very Critical Warfare Film, and Greyhound is the title of Tom Hanks’ boat, the place he says stuff like “fire as they bear” and “we’ll bring hell down from on high.” The trailer, which dropped immediately together with the movie’s launch date, options Hanks as a Navy veteran who’s tasked with defending a convoy of 37 ships throughout the Atlantic, together with Elisabeth Shue because the compulsory Woman Again Residence. The film is predicated on the 1955 novel The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester, which itself was primarily based on true occasions, and was additionally written by Hanks, who apparently loves taking part in imperiled sea captains. Greyhound premieres July 10 on Apple TV+, simply in time for Father’s Day.

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