How Many Motion pictures Have Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman Appeared In Collectively?

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston

It’s not simple making longterm mates in Hollywood. The enterprise is a fickle one and stars typically transfer from undertaking to undertaking, leaving previous acquaintances behind. Nonetheless, each now and again, two stars strike up a friendship so deep, it lasts far past the work itself. Such is the case with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. What number of movies did the 2 seem in collectively and the way precisely did they meet?

How did Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman meet?

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Jennifer Aniston‘s profession spans all the way in which again to 1988, however her longtime buddy, Jason Bateman‘s profession started in 1981. In line with a number of studies, the 2 Hollywood stars met on the TV present, Simon.

Aniston wasn’t part of the TV collection, however Bateman starred as Carl Himple for 21 episodes.

“I’ve known him for so many years, since I was 25 years old when a friend was doing a TV show with him,” Aniston beforehand informed Related Journal.

“He was in a much different mental space back then, but still lovely and great and I’ve just always adored him. He’s just delightful. There’s nothing about him that isn’t squeezable.”

Aniston honored Bateman with just a few touching phrases

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The 2 are so shut, Aniston attended Bateman’s Hollywood Stroll of Fame ceremony in July 2017, talking on his behalf.

“One thing has proven itself to be true and that is having longevity in this business is not easy. Especially starting out as a child actor. Usually, that’s a story that doesn’t always end well,” she stated of Bateman.

“When I actually met Jason it was kind of looking like it could go either way,” she stated. “He’s a fantastic partner in crime, the most generous man that makes the world laugh and cry on a dime. Oh, and he’s a vicious negotiator. I have been in the room, and I have witnessed it. Do not poke that bear.”

She continued. “The part that I’m really the luckiest, that I get to witness as his friend, is Jason Bateman the husband, the fantastic father, the dear friend, and as we lovingly call him: Grandpa. He looks 12. He acts 100. A head of hair that women envy. He works hard. He’s tired. Even in his most restful state, he’s one of the loveliest men to be around.”

The key to their friendship, Bateman informed The Guardian, is that he has “a great deal of dirt” on Aniston, joking that “as long as she continues to hire me for her projects I will not show the pictures.”

He added, “We’ve always just really gotten along well. I think I was just fortunate to be a good fit for parts in her films.”

Aniston and Bateman have starred in 5 movies collectively. Right here’s a have a look at every.

‘The Break-Up’ (2006)

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By 2006, Aniston left the Buddies life behind. Her feature-length movie credit included Alongside Got here Polly, Rumor Has It, Derailed, The Good Woman, and extra.

In The Break-Up, Aniston’s character, Brooke, and her on-screen love, Gary (Vince Vaughn), had a tumultuous breakup. Bateman’s position as Riggleman was as their legal professional, navigating the comedic, but practical parting of how.

‘The Switch’ (2010)

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4 years later, Aniston and Bateman teamed-up once more for The Change, which initially had a special title: The Baster. This time round, Aniston and Bateman play mates — till Bateman’s character, Wally, decides to change a sperm donor’s sperm together with his personal, through which Kassie (Aniston) is impregnated by.

“It’s a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston. It’s less than traditional,” Bateman beforehand informed Collider. “There’s some sperm swapping going on there.”

The Ozark star admitted The Change was his first try at that type of story.

“I haven’t done a romantic comedy before, but it’s new for me in that sense and again, it’s nice that I’m it’s another one that I’m sort of on every page and I like being hired to do more and more stuff,” he stated. “Carry more and more responsibility. It’s nice I’m getting that trust.”

‘Horrible Bosses’ (2011)

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Only a yr later, Horrible Bosses happened, linking Aniston and Bateman as soon as extra, alongside Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. Aniston performs dentist Julia Harris, who lacks private area and bounds along with her workers. Bateman performs Nick, one of many mates who conspire to kill his horrible boss.

“When I wrote the script — I always have actors in mind when I was writing. And Jason Bateman and [Jen] were the actors I had in mind,” movie author, Michael Markowitz informed Pop Sugar on the time. “I never knew if it was like, rude, to tell you that I thought of you for that part.”

‘Horrible Bosses 2’ (2014)

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After the success of Horrible Bosses, Aniston and Bateman joined forces for a second iteration three years later. Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Chris Pine had been additionally within the sequel. Nonetheless, Aniston felt challenged by a few of her scenes with Bateman.

“I’ve known him for 25 years. We’ve practically grown up together. You know, his wife is one of my best friends,” she beforehand informed Huffington Submit UK. “So it was just a little…there was that moment of like, ‘Oh this could be awkward. This could be awkward. This is my brother.’”

‘Office Christmas Party’ (2016)

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In 2016, Aniston and Bateman filmed their fifth film, Workplace Christmas Celebration. The 2 play frenemies with Aniston as CEO, Carol, who’s attempting to put off workers and cancel the annual Christmas social gathering.

Bateman’s character, Josh who helps to rally the employees with stated Christmas social gathering to prevail over Carol’s threats. Aniston admitted to CNN how troublesome it was to maintain a straight face on the set.

“Because I’m really angry inside, I’m naturally miserable with a bubbly exterior,” she stated. “It’s not easy, honestly, especially when we did the big boardroom scene in the beginning when it was all of us in there.”

With all of those comedic hits, we will solely hope for extra Aniston and Bateman tasks sooner or later.

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