The Beatles Film That ‘Infuriated’ the Band

The Beatles Movie That 'Infuriated' the Band

Many pop stars, from Elvis Presley to Mariah Carey, have tried their hand at being movie stars. The Beatles stand out from the pack as a result of they made a number of movies usually thought of classics. A Laborious Day’s Night time and Yellow Submarine are sometimes thought of two of the most effective movies of the 1960s.

After all, not each Beatles film was universally acclaimed. John Lennon had some very sturdy criticisms for a few of the Beatles’ movies. The truth is, he stated one of many Beatles movies managed to infuriate the Fab 4.

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John Lennon’s issues with the Beatles movie ‘A Hard Day’s Night time’

In 1971, Jann S. Wenner famously interviewed John for Rolling Stone. The prolonged interview would change into probably the most well-known of John’s profession. It was even printed as a e book known as Lennon Remembers. Within the change, John largely mentioned music however he additionally shared his opinions on sure movies.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t an enormous fan of the movie A Laborious Day’s Night time. That film is commonly thought of one of many Beatles’ greatest. The truth is, some critics contemplate A Laborious Day’s Night time to be revolutionary for its storytelling. John, nevertheless, was dissatisfied by the completed product.

The trailer for A Laborious Day’s Night time

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He instructed Wenner “The story wasn’t bad but it could have been better. Another illusion was that we were just puppets and that these great people, like [the Beatles’ manager] Brian Epstein and [the film’s director] Dick Lester, created the situation and made this whole f*ckin’ thing, and precisely because we were what we were, realistic. We didn’t want to make a f*ckin’ sh*tty pop movie… and we insisted on having a real writer to write it.”

John elaborated on why the movie dissatisfied the band. “We were a bit infuriated by the glibness and shiftiness of the dialogue and we were always trying to get it more realistic, but they wouldn’t have it. It ended up O.K., but the next one was just bullsh*t, because it really had nothing to do with the Beatles. They just put us here and there. Dick Lester was good, he had ideas ahead of their times, like using Batman comic strip lettering and balloons.”

How did audiences react to the movie?

The title tune from A Laborious Day’s Night time

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The Beatles clearly weren’t massive followers of the film. Nonetheless, it was a large success with the general public. The truth is, Self-importance Truthful studies A Laborious Day’s Night time was the primary film within the historical past of cinema to be worthwhile whereas it was nonetheless being filmed!

How did this occur? The movie’s soundtrack was launched earlier than the movie was. As a result of the studio behind the film, United Artists, owned the rights to the soundtrack, they rapidly obtained a return on their funding.

In keeping with the Los Angeles Occasions, the movie grossed over $12 million — a hefty sum for the early 1960s. A Laborious Day’s Night time even bought rereleased to theaters in 2014. Clearly, the movie struck a chord — even when the Beatles didn’t prefer it a lot.

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